I don't copy just what I see because art is  special when art is beyond the obvious Art means much to provide a thought in a new and exciting way.

When I set up a variety of papers and scissors on my art table and several different paint supplies, the mix contributes to what I am about to discover. The art is Mixed Media. There is a flow of thought as I touch the paper or canvas. My ideas cascade in a rough and tumble unexpected direction.  I pause and set a piece aside to work on later in order to redo how I will go to finish. 

This is why I am described as an Experimental Artist. There are steps to learn some new approaches and redo steps without fear of being lost.

I love the combination of colors to highlight a piece. Often I add pieces of collage for texture or for definition.  There are times when a portrait can tell stories about a person with collage details.  To show an overarching concept, the website reveals love I have for many people and situations.