Just A Woman

My Self-Portrait, JUST A WOMAN, a Collage, came about on reflection of a dismissive judgement from one art consultant. I was curious if the consultant could advise me how to show and sell my art. When I asked the first consultant's opinion, she spoke with derogatory remarks about me and my art because my website was under construction. She saw only three images, her comments were :" You Are JUST A WOMAN of a CERTAIN AGE who has JUST BEEN A CAREGIVER ALL HER LIFE." Believe me I did not sign up with her to be my promoter for the price of $500.
Exciting things can happen when you receive one person's negativity. I created this selfie and submitted it to International, highly-regarded art consultant, Renee Phillips. Along with another juror, James Baatchi, who is a remarkable San Francisco gallerist, my JUST A WOMAN, won the Manhattan Arts International Award for 2015.
This art is COLLAGE Media mounted on a 30h X 30w canvas and framed with a black wood frame.